The Swallow Theatre
facebookMoss Park, Ravenstone, Whithorn, Scotland DG8 8DR Telephone 01988 850368

The Swallow Theatre is a restored and converted byre at Moss Park, Ravenstone, about three miles from Whithorn. Seating just forty-eight people, it is one of the smallest theatres in the country. It began in 1996 and over the years the programme has grown to more than twenty events per year. The Swallow Theatre aims to provide a wide range of events: drama (including productions by local actors and visiting professional groups), music (classical, folk and jazz), poetry and play readings, and ‘theme nights’.

An unusual feature of the ‘Swallow’ is that all the lighting is powered from renewable sources – four solar panels and a wind turbine.

Several well-known musicians, actors and music groups have visited the Swallow; but a vital part of the theatre is the contribution made by its members and audience. ‘Home grown’ events including a pantomime, Christmas play and several other plays written especially for the small space at the Swallow, have been very popular.

Because the theatre is small and intimate, visitors often comment upon its ‘unique atmosphere’.